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Leading by outstanding example...

"..On Rivers like the Elwha in Washington or the Penobscot in Maine, I'm enormously proud of what we have accomplished in partnership with communities and private citizens around the country and I'm excited by what is to come" - Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar

The America's Great Outdoors Initiative has recognized the project as an outstanding example of improving the ecological health, quality of life, economy, and prosperity through the partnership and collaboration of many partners for the common good, since 2010. The recent success of the project - the removal of Great Works Dam - was highlighted in this year's report. Here is the report; the project is highlighted on page 24. AGO Press Release

Above photos by Bridget Besaw.

A little history and background 

In the fall of 2010 the America's Great Outdoors initiative brought high-ranking federal officials in the natural resource and conservation agencies to the state of Maine to hear from communities about their outdoor recreation and conservation priorities and success stories. At that time, the Penobscot River Restoration Project was highlighted as one of the success stories due to the highly effective collaboration among private and public partners as well as the community, to improve the health of one of our great natural resources - the Penobscot River.

"When this project is complete, the people of the state of Maine and the greater Bangor area will see an increase in recreational and economic opportunities. I have paddled canoes and kayaks my entire life. I have paddled many parts of the Penobscot River drainage including the sections of the river that will be most affected by dam removal. Currently, the section of river from Old Town to Veazie is underutilized for recreation, especially for paddling"

~ Scott Phillips, owner of Northeast Outdoor Sports and distributor for Old Town Canoe 

Great Works Dam Site, facing downstream

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