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In a tradition begun at the 2012 Boston Marathon, a team of runners focused on healing the Penobscot River prepared for a new challenge with the first ever 1% for the Planet Mad Marathon in Waitsfield, Vermont, on July 7, 2013. The "most beautiful marathon in the world" - now a collaborative effort with 1% for the Planet - focused on raising awareness and support for organizations that work toward protection and conservation of Earth's special places and natural resources.

Team Penobscot members Dale Lolar and Barry Dana were joined by Dan Kusnierz, Director of the Water Quality Program for the Penobscot Indian Nation, Leah Elliott, and Lori Dana to highlight the work of the Penobscot River Restoration Trust and partners, and to raise funds toward completion of the historic Penobscot River Restoration Project. In addition to Team Penobscot, the 1% for the Planet's marathon team was also committed to raising funds for the Penobscot Project.

We are deeply thankful for all the team members' willingness to embrace a difficult physical challenge on behalf of the Penobscot River, the sea-run fisheries we worked to restore, and the tremendous cultural and ecological benefits we foresee now that the project is complete.

Congratulations to Dale Lolar, Bob Bryant, and Barry Dana of Team Penobscot

for their outstanding effort in finishing the 2012 Boston Marathon! Thank you for your commitment to support the Penobscot River Restoration Project.

Penobscot Trust member and partner The Nature Conservancy offered three marathon slots to team up with the Penobscot Indian Nation in support of re-opening the river - the tribe's homeland - to sea-run fish, and restoring cultural, ecological, and economic opportunities to their community and others throughout the watershed.  Dale, Bob, and Barry took up the challenge, trained as a team and worked with The Nature Conservancy to raise funds for the Penobscot River Restoration Project through their effort.

Watch videos of the runners as they prepared for the marathon and explain why they chose to run for their river:

Dale Lolar

Bob Bryant

Barry Dana

And check out the 2012 media on the runners and their inspiration:

Boston Globe online: Running connects Penobscots to heritage

WABI TV feature story on Team Penobscot

Bangor Daily News: Team Penobscot running in Boston Marathon for their river

Bob Bryant, Dale Lolar, and Barry Dana's arrival at the Boston Marathon in 2012. They then trained, along with additional team members, to support fisheries restoration on the Penobscot River in the first 1% for the Planet Mad Marathon, held on July 7, 2013 in Waitsfield, VT.  Photo: The Nature Conservancy.

1% for the Planet logo

Dan Kusnierz is on the 3-person relay ream for the Mad Marathon

"Over the past 20 years I have worked for the Penobscot Nation Water Resources Program helping to protect the water quality of the Penobscot River and the life that depends upon it.  It has been an honor to be entrusted by the tribe to care for the river which is so important to the Penobscot people and their cultural traditions. 

Now it is an honor to be able to run the Mad Marathon as a member of Team Penobscot to help raise awareness and funds to support the restoration of the Penobscot River - the lifeblood of the Penobscot people.   Please support Team Penobscot and the mighty Penobscot River!"

~ Dan Kusnierz, Water Quality Program, Penobscot Indian Nation 2012

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