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The Penobscot Trust and its many public and private partners in the Penobscot River Restoration Project provided many opportunities for people throughout the Penobscot basin to learn about and provide input into the project, including its goal of improving fish migration to nearly 1000 miles of habitat in the Penobscot basin. Starting in 2003, we gathered feedback at formal and legally noticed permitting meetings as well as through hundreds of presentations to town councils, local civic and business groups, economic development councils, schools, landowners and other individuals as well as at festivals, sportsmen shows, conferences, and many community events. The media has featured the project with well over 100 articles in local and statewide print and online news outlets, along with television and radio (examples can be found in our Media Room).

Press Conference address by then Governor Baldacci

Thousands of people in the region have attended meetings or participated in public events to learn more, have their questions answered, and share their thoughts, concerns and support for the Penobscot River Restoration Project. While the Penobscot Trust has received all the permits necessary to complete the project, discussions with community members and groups continue, yielding many ideas that will improve its implementation, help to anticipate and address concerns as appropriate, and help to maximize ecological, economic, cultural and other benefits of a restored river. Visit our Events page to see the wide range of events that highlighted the project either through presentations, workshops, or project exhibits. 

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