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Penobscot River Restoration Trust

Video of the Former Veazie Dam Site from the Eddington Shore taken Jan 24, 2014

Click here, or on the photo above to start the video. Make sure your speakers are turned on so that you can hear the lovely sound that the rapids make.

You can also view it on our vimeo page

 Former Veazie Dam Site Taken Jan 21, 2014

What's New: The Veazie dam would have extended from the the right side of the photo to about where the wooden platform base is visible above the rock outcrop near the middle of the photo. None of the rapids would have been visible.

Former Veazie Dam Site Taken Dec 17, 2013

Freeing the West Channel at Veazie - October 23, 2013

Click on the above photo to see a video compilation documenting the  west-channel work. This also shows some of the unique river features emerging after having been buried for over 100 years!

East-side Cofferdam Breach - October 10, 2013

October 10th saw another point of major progress in the Veazie dam removal process - the cofferdam was breached on the Eddington side. Click here to see a video of the river flowing freely along the Eddington side. The cofferdam is now being moved back towards the Veazie side.

Brief video of river post-cofferdam removal, Aug 21 2013

Time-lapse video of cofferdam removal 

Brief video of cofferdam breach

Restoring access to critical habitat for the

Sea-run Fisheries of Maine's Largest Watershed

The Penobscot River Restoration Trust and its public and private partners are working to undo more than two centuries of damage that too many dams have inflicted upon the Penobscot River. Removal of the lower two dams (the first completed in 2012) and bypassing of a third greatly improves access to nearly 1000 miles of habitat for endangered Atlantic salmon and shortnose sturgeon, American shad, alewife, and seven other species of sea-run fish in Maine. As fish passage is improved at four remaining dams and energy increased at six, these ecological benefits will be realized while maintaining or even increasing energy production. By reconnecting the river to the sea, the Penobscot Project promises large-scale ecological, cultural, recreational and economic benefits throughout New England's second largest watershed. PROJECT DETAILS

The Penobscot River Restoration Project is an unprecedented collaboration between the Penobscot Indian Nation, seven conservation groups, hydropower companies PPL Corporation and Black Bear Hydro, LLC, and state and federal agencies, to restore 11 species of sea-run fish to the Penobscot River, while maintaining energy production.



"Collaborating to Revitalize Human and Wildlife Communities Along the Penobscot" in Communities & Banking Spring 2014

"Restoring the Fisheries of the Penobscot Nation" in Maine Memories Fall 2013 

Link to Other River News from around the state

Veazie Dam Removal

Find dam removal updates at the above link or visit our Facebook page!

Photos of dam removal

CBS Evening News 

MPBN story

Bangor Daily News (with video)

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The New York Times Editorial

Boston Globe cover story

Thanks to our many partners who made this project possible! For more information and a look back at this year's milestone event leading to a free river, read our July 22nd press release announcing the breaching of the Veazie Dam.

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Project Video:

Freeing a River

watch it here!


On July 22, hundreds of excited spectators joined Project leaders and dignitaries on the banks of the Penobscot River as construction crews from local contractor, Sargent Corporation, began dismantling the dam closest to the sea on Maine's largest watershed.


Great Works Dam breaching on Saturday, June 23, 2012

Great Works Dam Removal Info, Articles, and Videos

Visit our Facebook page and our album of Dam Removal Photos on Flickr

Frequently Asked Questions and Project Fact Sheet

Penobscot River Research Newsletter

and more information on Science and Monitoring

1% for the Planet supports the Penobscot River Restoration Project

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